Mumbai local trains x Tibetan art

Graphic Design


Series of illustrations about the famous Mumbai local trains, inspired by the Tibetan miniature (thangka) painting style (Assignment at design school)

Medium: Poster colour on paper

Women chatting near the train door after a long and tiring day
The Bhajan Mandali
(group of people who sing devotional songs) on their train ride to work
A shoeshine worke
r at a railway station
Office goers who travel atop Mumbai's overly crowded trains
Luggage compartment

A lady vendor selling hair clips & other accessories in a moving train

Even everyday things seem quite interesting when looked at as if looking at them for the first time. I’ve tried to portray typical Mumbai local train scenarios in the Tibetan thangka painting style. Similar to the thangka paintings, many a times these everyday travellers do seem to be in sort of an anguish, no doubt pressured by the fast paced life in Mumbai. This series is an ode to these ‘Mumbai things’ that are so much a part of our lives that we tend to overlook them.