Visual Identity Design for a music festival

Graphic Design


Client: Nesco
Commissioned by two. Design
Art direction: Siddharth Khandelwal, Swati Paranjpe, Ameesha Timbadia
Copywriter: Maria Menezes
Illustration + design + lettering: Ameesha Timbadia

Paddy Fields
is a Folk + Fusion music festival conceptualised by Nesco. It is India's only major music festival that takes the beauty of folk music from across the country and brings it to an audience weaned on Bollywood and international music! It's the festival where music lovers discover traditional music they have never heard, are introduced to artists they've never seen and watch familiar artists perform sets that are brand new, to both the artist and the audience.

Since Paddy Fields is an experience that transports you to the village of India, (where folk music originates from) we wanted the design language to portray just that. The dynamic logo takes after the swaying paddy (20 versions of it were created and used across different media). Also, the essence of music is organic and playful, hence everything from the logo to illustrations to lettering was hand crafted (I sketched them on paper first and then created them digitally on Photoshop). Once the basic design language was fleshed out it was really fun to experiment and take it forward on different media.